After-Hours in The 412: ISDRs Share Their Pittsburgh Perspective

UPMC’s Information Services Division Rotational (ISDR) program is a two-year leadership development program that provides participants with four, six-month rotations exploring areas of information services and technology.

Pittsburgh, PA: The Steel City, The City of Bridges, The 412, The Golden Triangle, The City of Champions. Whatever you call it, for the 27 of us recent college graduates of UPMC’s Information Services Division Rotational (ISDR) program, Pittsburgh is simply known as home. Pittsburgh is the city we work in, live in, and play in over the course of this two year program, and has proved to be a great asset in our experiences as ISDRs at UPMC.

Below you can find all of our answers for what a few of us love about Pittsburgh, and why we’re glad to call this place home during the ISDR program! 


Restaurants: A lot people say this, but it’s true: there really is always something to do going on around the city! Any given weekend there could be a sporting event, concert, food festival, or art exhibition popping up all over the city. There are tons of great restaurants and it seems like cool and new ones are always opening. It’s also cool that Pittsburgh is made up of many neighborhoods that all have a unique feel! —Kendall Cutrona

Inclusivity: My favorite thing about Pittsburgh is how inclusive we are to all people no matter what race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation they are.  —Justin Wetzel

Growth: My favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh is the position for growth that Pittsburgh is currently in. Every day, it seems, there is a new announcement that another tech firm or some other venture is moving into the city. With that, comes a pattern of growth in activities to do in the city, resources available, new places to eat and gather with friends… the city is growing all around! It is a great time to get in on Pittsburgh as a place to live. —Nicholas Bakertges

Familiarity: For me, the familiarity and family aspect of it. I’ve always lived here and can’t think of ever leaving. I know I’ll always have fellow Pittsburghers to talk Steelers or Penguins with no matter what! —James Ungerman

Fun: Pittsburgh also has a lot to do, my personal favorites include spectating a Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins game, or going to Kennywood (an amusement park outside of the city that’s been around since the early 1900s)! —Kyle Martinez   

Size: I love the size of Pittsburgh. I’ve lived in Connecticut for the past couple years and my choice of big city adventure was New York City. So compared to the big apple, it’s nice to visit a place small enough where you can go from the north shore to downtown in about half an hour, but still have all of the unique and interesting places to go! —Rebecca Kahlbaugh

The People: Not to be too “yinzer” and reference Mr. Rogers, but in Pittsburgh, everyone is your neighbor. The people are friendly and always willing to talk to you. —Linda Cheung

New places: I’m proud to say I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I do not plan on leaving any time soon. Even though I’ve lived in this city my whole life, I still love exploring new parts of the town, like finding unique coffee shops, trying new restaurants, and discovering parks to take my dogs for a walk. —Katie Murphy  

The zoo: My favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh is being near the zoo. I never had one near me growing up, and now I’m only a mile away. —Stephanie Pistner

Activities for the active: My favorite thing about living in Pittsburgh is all of the opportunity to be active. I have been able to train for the half marathon, bike, walk through many parks, do free yoga, join a kickboxing class, become a member of a local gym, and really explore on my own. —Morgan Kramer  

Energy & opportunity: The entire city is just exciting and full of energy, and there are constantly things to do to keep yourself busy at all times. Being in the health care IT field in Pittsburgh is also perfect since the city has seemingly evolved into a modern health care and technology hub. —Chris Sinisi

Whether it’s exploring the art scene, cheering at a Pirates game, going to one of many city parks, or enjoying a meal at a great restaurant, there’s a place for you in Pittsburgh! Take it from us: Pittsburgh is worth its weight in (black &) gold! A quality life goes  beyond the time in the workplace and extends to our experiences after work, too. If you’re on the fence about relocating to Pittsburgh, let us assure you that this city has something for everyone. We are proud to call this city of bridges and champions our home! All that’s left to say is: Won’t you be our neighbor? 

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