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Embracing Our Values: Anesthesia Tech Spotlight

Let’s face it – every career comes with triumphs and trials, especially in the health care system. The key to rising above difficult circumstances lies in approaching every situation from the right angle. Maintaining proper perspective and attitude is essential! For Anesthesia Technicians (ATs), each day holds a unique set of challenges. Between monitoring vitals,… Read more »

My Career: Isn’t Just For Me

It’s a common misconception that Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) simply perform tasks that nurses do not have time for. In reality, doctors and nurses often rely on RRTs to evaluate the scene, document and report the findings, and then determine appropriate care plans for patients during respiratory crises. Additionally, since therapists serve across the spectrum… Read more »

The Value of My Stethoscope

“I’ve seen babies being born, worked first-hand in Pittsburgh’s top-rated Trauma Burn Center, assisted a flight crew, and held a beating heart in my hand. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!” Meet Chelsea Owens, a Senior Respiratory Therapist at UPMC East. As a child, Chelsea suffered from severe asthma, spending many sleepless nights in hospital… Read more »