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My Passion: Health Care Recruiting

Throughout high school, we were required to take classes in various subjects with the intention of identifying our educational strengths and learning interests. The overall goal was to distinguish a subject we found ourselves passionate about, and potentially turn it into a career. During that time, I found myself becoming a people person through my… Read more »

Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Interviewing

Be it by a teacher, school resource, or family member, we’ve all been taught about appropriate interviewing etiquette. Most likely, someone has shared the importance of proper dress, having a firm handshake, turning your cell phone off, and preparing extra copies of your resume. However, in addition to the typical suggestions, I’d like to share… Read more »

Summer Associate to Full Time: Amanda’s Journey

I, like most Summer Associates, entered this internship experience with aspirations of turning this temporary opportunity into a full-time position. If you’re like me, the next logical question is: how do I proceed in making it happen? Hard work clichés are overused and obvious, for you wouldn’t be in this position if you weren’t a… Read more »