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ISDR Recruitment: Career Fair Best Practices

As a member of the ISDR Program at UPMC, I have had the opportunity to take part in several events outside of my daily work routine.  One of the most interesting activities I have taken part in is assisting with recruiting events for the ISDR and ISD Summer Associate programs.  As part of this, I… Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Incoming ISDRs

Transitioning from a college student to a young professional can be tough. Suddenly, sleeping in on a used mattress you bought for $100 and marathon watching your favorite TV show before your first class on Monday at 3:00 pm seems unorthodox. So you go, you buy a new mattress (probably for the better), and instead… Read more »

Strategies for Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Scheduling/Planning I find that perhaps the most important key to good work-life balance is scheduling and planning activities outside of work. In order to be successful in any job, I believe we can all benefit from engaging in a non-work outlet on a regular basis. Planning can help to achieve that balance. In my experience… Read more »