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Nursing and Ninja Turtles: It’s the Little Things

This summer I got to be a Student Nurse Intern at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.  I love working with children – they are so thankful for the little things!  During night shift, the majority of the kids are sleeping.  However, one night I had to wake my patient every four hours to get… Read more »

Nursing: A Team Sport

During my short time as an intern I have had not just one significant patient care experience, but many. To highlight only one experience would blur the image of what I would otherwise see as a spectacular work of art. At Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, I’ve had the opportunity to not only witness… Read more »

Going the Extra Mile

My summer nurse internship has been a wonderful experience, filled with awesome encounters and learning opportunities. My desire to be a nurse has definitely grown through this program, and I feel I owe so much to my preceptor, Jim Sabia.  From my very first day he made me feel welcome on the unit.  He spent… Read more »