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What Not to Wear: Corporate Edition

In a professional setting, dress is one of the most underrated parts of your job. In all actuality, dressing professionally and appropriately can help you present a better first impression, show how you conduct yourself, and allow others, including your boss and your peers, to know how much you care and respect the work you… Read more »

Full-time Fever

This summer, I had the opportunity to work on floor 58 of the U.S. Steel Tower. I was placed in the Enterprise Accounting department with much of my work focusing on a drug cost analysis project.  One of the greatest skills I’ve learned here is time management! I’ve learned that managing your time at the… Read more »

A Summer of Cycling: My Work Commute

Quite frequently the topic of commuting arises in office conversation. Everyone commutes, and so it’s something that coworkers can commiserate about when the weather isn’t particularly cooperative. Most people view their commute as a necessary evil or at the very least as a time to just zone out, but I don’t feel this way at… Read more »