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Stepping Stones to Growing Up

Being a Summer Associate at UPMC has been a life changing experience for me. I knew that one of the first things I had to do before becoming a Summer Associate was get comfortable taking risks. Pittsburgh was far from my home (Philadelphia), which meant moving away for the summer. In addition to a summer… Read more »

The Not-so Shadyside

This summer I got the chance to live in Shadyside. Shadyside, contrary to the name, is actually a really nice place to live. I hope that all of the other Summer Associates have gotten a chance to spend some time in Shadyside throughout their summers. My personal experience proved Shadyside to be a great place… Read more »

Workspace in the Workplace

8 x 5 x 11= 440 Eight hours a day times five days per week times eleven weeks in the program equals 440 hours for the summer. Talk about a great deal of time spent in your cubicle! I suggest creating a comfortable space, where you will be able to thrive. Make your cubicle feel… Read more »