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An Overview of Scrum

If you work for UPMC Enterprises doing any sort of development, you definitely will be using a form of scrum. Scrum is a development process derived from the methodologies of Agile, which, at its core, focuses on iterative development that can easily adapt to unpredictable requirement changes. Here’s a brief overview! Sprints Scrum consists of two week… Read more »

Dressing for Success

Dressing for the first week of work is undoubtedly a daunting task. Appearing too casual can make one look unprofessional, yet overdressing can make a new employee stick out like a sore thumb. In one word, here’s the dress policy for UPMC Enterprises: VARIETY. Unlike other departments within UPMC, you will see quite the array… Read more »

Foosball and Networking

What’s the one thing every up-and-coming tech company should have in the workplace? A foosball table! Let me explain. If you look into the game details of foosball, the benefits of having a foosball table in your office become apparent. Think about it – you’ve got two teams of two players engaging in what seems… Read more »