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Email Do’s and Don’ts

Email plays a large role in today’s business culture. Check out these tips for proper email etiquette now that you’ve entered the world of professional communication. Keep it simple: Nobody wants to read through a novel-length email. Do your best to be concise and descriptive. If your email is turning out to be too long, consider formatting the information into a… Read more »

The Value of a Manager and Summer Associate Work Partnership

“One good mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade’s income.” When starting any new career, one important asset to have is someone showing you the ropes. Whether it is introducing you to your new colleagues or helping you to learn the style of your new business; No… Read more »

Dressing for Success on the 57th Floor

The night before the first day of a new job or an important presentation, everyone is faced with the same dreaded question: “What should I wear?” Dressing for work can be challenging! However, in the Marketing and Communications departments at UPMC there are three basic dress codes that apply to different work situations. For a… Read more »