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Email Do’s and Don’ts

Email plays a large role in today’s business culture. Check out these tips for proper email etiquette now that you’ve entered the world of professional communication. Keep it simple: Nobody wants to read through a novel-length email. Do your best to be concise and descriptive. If your email is turning out to be too long, consider formatting the information into a… Read more »

Valuing Dignity and Respect

My name is Erika Mangual, and I spent eleven weeks as a Summer Associate at the Center for Engagement and Inclusion, specifically working on Employee Engagement and Inclusion. When you think about what Dignity and Respect means, you may conclude that the concept is simple and comprehensive. You may think to yourself, “How hard can… Read more »

HR Summer Associates Give Back

If you think being a Summer Associate is all work and no fun, think again! As a Summer Associate, you are given the opportunity to participate in several community service events where you get to network with your fellow SA’s and also add value to the true mission of UPMC in giving back to members… Read more »