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A Day-In-The-Life of an HRSA

During my days as a Summer Associate, I received hands-on experience on what a full time UPMC employee does every day. UPMC Summer Associates come from all over the country to work for this organization, and it was an extremely humbling opportunity to be able to contribute to the team during the summer.  I lived… Read more »

UPMC Gives Back

Since I’ve grown up in Pittsburgh my entire life, I knew that UPMC has always given back to the community. It wasn’t until I started working here, though, that I truly grasped the incredible amount that they give to the Pittsburgh area!  In both of my years as a Summer Associate, it’s been extremely obvious… Read more »

The Value of Partnering with UPMC Leadership

At times throughout the program, Summer Associates may need extra direction to manage their tasks and projects. For this reason, each Summer Associate is assigned a manager! The role of the manager is to make sure their intern is completing valuable work, as well as guide them throughout their time with UPMC. Both the manager… Read more »