What motivates you? How does this play into your role as an FMR?

Motivation is an interesting topic because it impacts each person differently. When someone really thinks about it, it is the internal drive which gets each person out of bed in the morning. Regardless of what motivates a person, it has a huge impact on how we live our everyday lives and what we strive to accomplish.

When I think about what motivates me, the two ideas which instantly jump to mind involve learning new things and constantly being challenged. Every day I strive to learn something new. Being an FMR, I find myself constantly exposed to new knowledge, people and skills. All of these have allowed me to learn exciting new information about the health care industry in addition to developing my career. Whether it is through working with a co-worker, learning a new Excel formula or even presenting a piece of work to a hospital CFO, this program has provided so many opportunities to learn from others around me.

In addition to learning new things, I like to be constantly challenged. Since FMR’s have the opportunity to rotate through four different areas of UPMC Finance, I am constantly presented with a variety of challenges and opportunities. Whether the challenges arise from day-to-day work or are a result of switching rotations, all of the challenges I have faced have allowed me to become better prepared for the next task at hand. In all of my rotations, I have been surrounded by others who challenge me but are always supportive and wanting to assist. By constantly challenging myself, I have found that I am better suited to handle unique and complex situations.

Emily Wennemer
Financial Analyst, Intermediate

Emily Wennemer


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