Life of an Intern

You wake up in the morning feeling like a UPMC SA! UPMC Summer Associates come from all over, but many reside in Oakland for the summer. Living in Oakland makes for an easy commute to any of the local UPMC offices. My morning commute consists of walking to a bus stop and catching any 61 or 71 bus downtown to the US Steel Building. I work in ISD, ICSD, and Supply Chain Finance on the 59th floor. My days vary in work since I am in a diverse department, where I am exposed to different sides of the business from information services to supply chain logistics. Some days I have multiple meetings, while other days are spent completing projects at my desk.

Diehl 1

On my way to work! #publictransit

Diehl 2

Almost to the office! #floor59

Diehl 3

My decorated work space! Can you tell that I love my college?

Diehl 6

Working hard! #UPMCSA


One of the projects I worked on was a vendor analysis for supply chain. Our supply chain department uses a third party freight management company to ship certain products in order to minimize UPMC’s freight costs. I looked at specific items and compared historical freight costs to current freight costs to validate and determine the cost savings opportunity.

As a Finance Summer Associate, no two days are the same. There are many different projects you can be assigned and occasionally there is a fun activity or two planned. For example, many of the Finance departments attended a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and tailgate. The life of a Summer Associate can be pretty busy, but I assure you working for UPMC has been a fulfilling experience!

Marissa Diehl, Finance Summer Associate