Going the Extra Mile

My summer nurse internship has been a wonderful experience, filled with awesome encounters and learning opportunities. My desire to be a nurse has definitely grown through this program, and I feel I owe so much to my preceptor, Jim Sabia.  From my very first day he made me feel welcome on the unit.  He spent many of the first few days teaching me where everything was on the unit, how equipment worked, and how protocols went.  He also engaged me in as many learning experiences as possible and actively sought out interesting things to teach me.  Jim created an atmosphere of openness and trust – I never felt worried about asking questions, explaining my thought processes, or being wrong!

However, the most important things I learned from Jim were not from the knowledge he shared, but rather from his actions and demeanor as a nurse.  On multiple occasions I watched Jim care for patients in an exceptional way, going above and beyond in their care.  For example, one night, he stayed at a patient’s bedside all night comforting him, making exciting plans to start a band! He cares for patients in such a unique way. I admire the way that Jim never leaves a room without making sure all parents and guardians are comfortable with what is happening. He frequently goes the extra mile to draw diagrams and share videos of procedures or congenital defects to ensure that patients and family members can more specifically understand various treatment plans. It’s been awesome to see worried, agitated parents turn calm and trusting after he sits with them and answers all their questions.  In the last ten weeks, Jim has taught me so much about nursing, and has influenced my internship experience for the better!

Torrie Landgraf, 2015 Student Nurse Internship Program