Stirring Positive Change at UPMC Health Plan

Being a change agent means the individual understands the importance of associating positive connotation to the idea of change. This individual welcomes change with a positive attitude and recognizes the potential of greatness through continuous improvement. I value change because there are always better ways of doing things. We can always benefit from making our processes and procedures more effective and more efficient.

The top 3 ways to stir positive change are….

1. Reflecting on past changes that improved our organization or department.

2. Providing examples of inevitable changes that are beautiful in nature. One of my most frequent examples, let’s take a queue from mother nature and recognize the inevitable changing of the seasons can be a beautiful thing! (particularly from winter to spring!)

3. Another one of the best ways to “stir change” is to incorporate everyone in the changes. Allow everyone to have input on the front end of change will make everyone feel empowered and understanding of why things changed. When people understand the “why” behind a new change, we are much more willing to buy into the idea!

I am able to attach positivity to change by acknowledging that it is an inevitable part of life and I’ve learned to not fight what we can’t stop. I learned I’m much more at peace if I understand this fact about life. Constantly through our lives we are changing and through this process we should see these changes and development as a necessary part of life. Through the education system, we develop our minds. Through relationships with family and friends, we develop emotionally. Through our professional development, we refine our skillsets even more. These are all examples of how life changes how impacted us positively. As a change agent, I try to use these examples of life to help others understand the necessity for change. One of my favorite quotes comes from Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Michael DiMeo, Supervisor, Claims

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