Why Supply Chain Management Matters

Supply Chain Management stands as a critical component in UPMC operations. This department ensures that all UPMC hospitals and medical facilities have the proper clinical and non-clinical supplies, guaranteeing the highest quality patient care delivery. Without supply chain, acquiring the necessary equipment, supplies, and supportive services for patient care would be quite problematic.

For the Patients

Supply Chain management not only guarantees that every patient has access to the products and services he or she needs, but certifies that patients receive said goods and services in a timely manner. Behind the scenes in Corporate Services at the U.S. Steel Tower, the sourcing team strives to negotiate the lowest possible costs, while also aligning standardization of certain products amongst all UPMC facilities. This standardization effort helps UPMC save money, and allows further company investment in patient care services. Hundreds of employees work each day to ensure that our department runs efficiently and effectively, for our utmost priority is our patients. Supply chain plays a major role in supporting the health system’s daily operations, and facilitating physicians’ decision-making processes in choosing the best products for patient care.

For the Company

Supply Chain Management includes many daily amenities that we frequently overlook. In fact, this department holds an item master reaching into the thousands from select vendors with which UPMC does business. Several of those vendors are local or national MWDBE (Minority, Women-owned, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises). UPMC Corporate Supply Chain Management enables those businesses to grow their volume, producing top-grade products and services not only for patients, but also for employees. Undoubtedly, this department contributes to the company mission of UPMC – providing ‘Life Changing Medicine.’

Jalyn Eaton, Supply Chain Summer Associate