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Overcoming Obstacles to Care: My Career as a CRNA

Brett F., CRNA at UPMC

Whether it’s a rejection, a difficult coworker, or a personal hurdle of some kind, challenges are inevitable in every career journey. For Brett F., a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) at UPMC, a challenging physical disability has affected the entirety of his life and career  — but it hasn’t held him back in the slightest. … Read more »

Embracing Our Values: Anesthesia Tech Spotlight

Let’s face it – every career comes with triumphs and trials, especially in the health care system. The key to rising above difficult circumstances lies in approaching every situation from the right angle. Maintaining proper perspective and attitude is essential! For Anesthesia Technicians (ATs), each day holds a unique set of challenges. Between monitoring vitals,… Read more »