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Foosball and Networking

What’s the one thing every up-and-coming tech company should have in the workplace? A foosball table! Let me explain. If you look into the game details of foosball, the benefits of having a foosball table in your office become apparent. Think about it – you’ve got two teams of two players engaging in what seems… Read more »

Fun in the Sun

As a Summer Associate, you learn early on that the community is UPMC’s top priority. We frequently hold service drives to help people who are less fortunate, and host monthly events that promote employee engagement within the community. In fact, having learned UPMC’s five core values on our first day, we strive to exemplify the… Read more »

The Importance of a Strong Management/Employee Relationship

In life, we all have bosses. Usually, the word “boss” intimidates us, making us think of the awful stereotypes that we frequently see in movies or on TV. However, that should not be the case! I have had both good and bad experiences with supervisors throughout my career, and ultimately, these experiences have helped shape… Read more »