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UPMC Culture: The Perfect Oxymoron

Defining the culture of an organization as large and diverse as UPMC can be a difficult task. However, after working as a UPMC Summer Associate I believe the culture is best summarized by three traits that describe the employees: relaxed, hard-working, and self-accountable.  Furthermore, I believe that these traits complement each other almost perfectly and… Read more »

College Knowledge in the Workplace

While in school, we constantly hear from professors, parents, and recruiters that the vast majority of what you learn in the classroom will never be used in the workforce, at least not directly. Of course, this can be a concerning reality given all the time, effort, and stress that go into succeeding academically in college.  This… Read more »

What Not to Wear: Corporate Edition

In a professional setting, dress is one of the most underrated parts of your job. In all actuality, dressing professionally and appropriately can help you present a better first impression, show how you conduct yourself, and allow others, including your boss and your peers, to know how much you care and respect the work you… Read more »