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My Favorite Part of the Summer Associates Program

Choosing one thing that is great about being a Summer Associate for UPMC is no easy task. We are able to experience so much here at UPMC, including service events, leisure activities, and career opportunities. However, there is one aspect of this internship that I enjoyed above all others, and that is the ability to… Read more »

How the ISDR Program Shaped My Career Journey

When it comes to careers, a common phrase heard from my generation is “I don’t know what I want to do!” Although I am in my third rotation of UPMC’s ISDR Program, I am still not sure where my career is headed! However, as I graduated college with an interest in the IT field, the… Read more »

House Hunters Pittsburgh: Finding Summer Housing in the Steel City

Finding a place to live that is great, let alone suitable, can get tricky in a city environment like Pittsburgh – especially if you do not live here year-round. Luckily, the Steel City is one of the most affordable and livable cities around, giving you more options than you think when it comes to finding… Read more »