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What Drives Us: Why These Recent Grads Are Passionate About Health Care IT

Learn more about a career in IT and information systems with UPMC, a city city in tech and business development.

UPMC’s Information Services Division Rotational (ISDR) program is a two-year leadership development program that provides participants with four six-month rotations exploring areas of information services and technology. “We live in a time where we have access to more data and communication methods than ever before. How can we use these to better the life quality… Read more »

How the ISDR Program Shaped My Career Journey


When it comes to careers, a common phrase heard from my generation is “I don’t know what I want to do!” Although I am in my third rotation of UPMC’s ISDR Program, I am still not sure where my career is headed! However, as I graduated college with an interest in the IT field, the… Read more »

Dress for Success: Back to Basics


Is it the suit that makes the man… or the man that makes the suit? Today’s professional world can be very confusing when it comes to how to dress. Dress types, such as business formal, business casual, and smart casual, can get a bit tricky since the definitions vary between workplaces. For me, the right… Read more »