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Professional Care Management: A Unique Side of Nursing

We invite you to explore current career opportunities in Professional Care Management, here! “I have never been bored in this job.” You would think that such a line might come so confidently from a stunt driver, or maybe a tornado chaser. But JoAnn Beck and Becky Miller are a different kind of fearless—they are Senior Professional… Read more »

Psychiatric Nursing: The Importance of Trust

The beginning of a new internship is always an exciting, yet nerve-racking experience, especially in the medical field. Prior to orientation, I was not sure what to expect. Now, after being immersed in the hustle and bustle of a psychiatric hospital, I can confirm that it is extremely different from the clinical work I’ve done… Read more »

The Golden Standard of Nursing

During internship orientation, we were lectured about optimal patient care, learning how to make each admission experience as smooth as possible. With a high acuity and stressful patient load, nurses often have inadequate time to ensure that patients (and their family members) feel that they have received care that goes above and beyond the call… Read more »