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Where I’m Supposed to Be

Nursing is a profession that requires skill, ambition, persistence, and compassion – all of which cannot be derived from a textbook, or learned in a lecture hall. This is why I sought an internship with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. I knew that this experience would give me the chance to prove that I… Read more »

The Most Valuable Skill

The nurses that I have had the privilege of working alongside during my time in the PICU have shown me incredible things! They’ve shown me how to perform dosage calculations, how to flawlessly draw blood from tiny little veins, and how to coordinate numerous drips when the patient only has two working lumens. Most important… Read more »

Nursing and Ninja Turtles: It’s the Little Things

This summer I got to be a Student Nurse Intern at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.  I love working with children – they are so thankful for the little things!  During night shift, the majority of the kids are sleeping.  However, one night I had to wake my patient every four hours to get… Read more »