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Student Nurse Q&A: Lessons from the Hospital & Classroom

Being a full-time student is hard work. For many students, the thought of pursuing a degree while also working a job to gain experience or to secure financial stability can seem a little overwhelming. But these students from UPMC Schools of Nursing have proven that managing schoolwork while also providing quality care to patients can… Read more »

The Most Valuable Skill

The nurses that I have had the privilege of working alongside during my time in the PICU have shown me incredible things! They’ve shown me how to perform dosage calculations, how to flawlessly draw blood from tiny little veins, and how to coordinate numerous drips when the patient only has two working lumens. Most important… Read more »

Nursing: A Team Sport

During my short time as an intern I have had not just one significant patient care experience, but many. To highlight only one experience would blur the image of what I would otherwise see as a spectacular work of art. At Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, I’ve had the opportunity to not only witness… Read more »