Valuing Dignity and Respect

My name is Erika Mangual, and I spent eleven weeks as a Summer Associate at the Center for Engagement and Inclusion, specifically working on Employee Engagement and Inclusion. When you think about what Dignity and Respect means, you may conclude that the concept is simple and comprehensive. You may think to yourself, “How hard can showing someone dignity and respect be?” As employees of UPMC, it is necessary to start with the basics of what Dignity and Respect truly means so that every employee becomes a champion of displaying dignity and respect.

The Center for Engagement and Inclusion has a calendar that lists the 30 Tips of Dignity and Respect to help you incorporate acts of dignity and respect into your day to day operations. For example, Tip 4 reads “Say Hello” and Tip 19 reads “Seek Understanding.” Although saying hello may seem simple, we must ensure that we are in fact, saying hello, because every person has an experience. As UPMC employees, we want to ensure that we are creating the best experience for those who we serve. Not only is Dignity and Respect one of UPMC’s internal core values, but it is an essential value to display when catering to our patients, health plan members, employees and community. By practicing a tip from the 30 Tips of Dignity and Respect calendar each day, UPMC employees are one step closer to creating an inclusive community.

By taking small steps, I worked my way toward becoming a champion of dignity and respect. I was able to utilize the 30 Tips of Dignity and Respect calendar each day to ensure that I performed my best and incorporated dignity and respect. Tip 2 “Smile” or Tip 5 “Say Thank You,” are tips that reminded of the little things associated with treating others well.

Erika Mangual, Human Resources Summer Associate