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How the ISDR Program Shaped My Career Journey

When it comes to careers, a common phrase heard from my generation is “I don’t know what I want to do!” Although I am in my third rotation of UPMC’s ISDR Program, I am still not sure where my career is headed! However, as I graduated college with an interest in the IT field, the… Read more »

The UPMC Help Desk: A Rewarding Experience

It can be assumed that at some point, most people have had to call a help desk due to a computer related issue. Like most people I had never really put much thought into what actually goes on at a help desk; however my perspective changed when I started my first rotation as an ISDR… Read more »

Foundations of a Good Leader

As the job description of the Information Services Division Rotation (ISDR) Program clearly states, it is “… a two year leadership development program.” For those participating in or currently interested in the program, it is important to think about what makes a good leader! Take a few moments and think about the leaders that you… Read more »