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The Elevator Pitch

“So, can you tell me a little about yourself?” Chances are you’ve heard this seemingly innocent question asked by an interviewer sitting across from you. In fact, I’m sure that a variation of this question has been asked in most first encounters that you may have had with another person or group of people. Think about it –… Read more »

A Day-In-The-Life of an ISD Summer Associate

FYI: Not all city employees have a bad commute! During my previous internship, I would wake up at the break of dawn, get in my car, and sit in city traffic every morning. This summer, I have been very spoiled because I have just a five minute walk to work every day. As an Information… Read more »

You’ve Only Got Ten Seconds!

Your resume matters. With thousands of students applying for the UPMC Summer Associates Program each year, it is imperative that your resume catches recruiters’ attention, in order to be chosen for an interview. Keep in mind, there is a good chance that the person reviewing your resume might only give it a ten second glance… Read more »