Why is the FMR program a great fit for you?

Chris LawI couldn’t be happier with the FMR Program so far. As I write this blog entry, I’m roughly two and a half months into my first rotation in the Patient Access department of the Physician Services Division. I think the thing that has pleasantly surprised me more than anything is the level of commitment that UPMC makes to its FMRs. I really feel that I’ve been entrusted with important tasks and duties, and my voice is heard when I give my opinion. It’s also extremely encouraging to see my managers carefully select my tasks and projects to ensure that my future development is just as important as the value that I provide in the present.

            One of the reasons that I chose UPMC was because of the hiring process. It seems that in the present environment in the workforce, one often hears, “You have to know somebody to get a job there.” I did not have a single connection in the program when I applied to UPMC, but I was still brought in for an interview because of my resume. That really stood out to me. It was a sign that those who run the FMR program were really looking to bring in the best individuals they could, regardless of who they knew. All of my experiences to date in the program reflects that those who put in the work and contribute will be rewarded and recognized. I honestly cannot wait to continue my current rotation and continue on for three more before I find a permanent home at UPMC.

– Chris Law, Financial Analyst, Intermediate