Here are the stories of our Life Changers.

Nothing would be possible without our people. Discover the culture, the teams, and the passions that drive us to make Life Changing Medicine happen at UPMC.


Images of Impact

Though these times may feel uncertain, this collection of images have uplifted and reminded us of all the different ways Life Changing Medicine happens right around us.

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We Chose UPMC Northwest: Nurses Share Their Why

Rachel, Cassie, Charles, and David shared 4 reasons why they enjoy their role as nurses, are passionate about their community in Seneca, PA, and are proud to have a place on the Northwest team.

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6 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Land That Second Interview

Phone interviews are often the first steps in the interview process. Learn some top tips straight from our recruiters to help you move on from the phone interview to the next round!

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6 Tips for Applying to Positions at UPMC

Do you find applying for a new job intimidating or overwhelming? To help you apply with confidence, our recruiters shared some tips and tricks for navigating the application process.

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How to Write a Resume that Will Catch Recruiters’ Attention

Your resume is your chance to make a great first impression. Learn how to build a resume you’ll really want to show off! 

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5 Tips to Ace Your UPMC Interview

Check out these top tips from our recruiters on acing an in-person interview and jump-start your career today! 

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We’re nurses, pharmacists, project managers, and developers, but we’re also so much more. Each member of our team brings something unique to the table that makes us who we are. Explore our blog to learn how we make Life Changing Medicine happen.

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Quick Career Tip

Stand out from other applicants by expanding your resume with healthcare-related experience. Volunteer at a hospital or retirement home or join a service club that reads at a children’s hospital or a group that brings medical supplies to at-risk areas.