Here are the stories of our Life Changers.

Nothing would be possible without our people. Discover the culture, the teams, and the passions that drive us to make Life Changing Medicine happen at UPMC.


Smiling Through Life: María ‪Cecilia’s Story

María ‪Cecilia advocates for the diverse populations UPMC serves—and she always does this work with a smile.

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Building Confidence through the Student Nurse Internship

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student nurse intern at UPMC? Our most recent class of interns are here to share what they learned and what future SNIs can expect.

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My Nursing Career Ladder: How UPMC Supports Every Career Stage

A new nurse, an emerging nursing leader, and a seasoned mentor nurse from UPMC's North Central Pa. region share how they’re making the most of their career at UPMC!

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Shaping Leaders of the Future: UPMC’s Finance Management Rotational Program

Get to know a current member of the Finance Management Rotational Program and two former FMRs who have continued in their careers at UPMC!

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How Matt B. Brings His Whole Self to Work

As the Program Manager for Disability Accommodations, Matt B. gets to make a real impact AND bring his whole self to work, too.

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Building a Life Changing Workforce: Inside Recruitment at UPMC

With over 100 recruiters, our Talent Acquisition helps power our workforce by sourcing, recruiting, and hiring employees for jobs all over UPMC. 4 recruiters share why they chose this job!

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