The Game of Life is About More Than Winning: Eddie’s UPMC Outlook

Eddie S. shares how his passion for football, fishing, and friendship shapes his life, and how being himself is always his goal.

How Veterans and Military Members Found Careers at UPMC

At UPMC, we are dedicated to helping veterans and military members find rewarding and meaningful civilian careers.

Mind and Body: How Behavioral Health Nurses Care for the Whole Person

Learn from our Behavioral Health nurses about why they chose this field and how they’re working to combat the stigmas that exist around mental health.

Training in Excellence & Innovation: UPMC’s ITR Program

ITR participants share how they've networked with high-level executives, given back to our communities, received guidance from mentors, and built lasting connections within UPMC.

An Inside Look at UPMC Imaging Services

From assessing broken bones to monitoring progress during pregnancy, UPMC Imaging Services plays a key role in making Life Changing Medicine happen.

Smiling Through Life: María ‪Cecilia’s Story

María ‪Cecilia advocates for the diverse populations UPMC serves—and she always does this work with a smile.

Building Confidence through the Student Nurse Internship

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student nurse intern at UPMC? Our most recent class of interns are here to share what they learned and what future SNIs can expect.

My Nursing Career Ladder: How UPMC Supports Every Career Stage

A new nurse, an emerging nursing leader, and a seasoned mentor nurse from UPMC's North Central Pa. region share how they’re making the most of their career at UPMC!

Shaping Leaders of the Future: UPMC’s Finance Management Rotational Program

Get to know a current member of the Finance Management Rotational Program and two former FMRs who have continued in their careers at UPMC!

Smiling man in wheelchair with bowtie.

How Matt B. Brings His Whole Self to Work

As the Program Manager for Disability Accommodations, Matt B. gets to make a real impact AND bring his whole self to work, too.

Building a Life Changing Workforce: Inside Recruitment at UPMC

With over 100 recruiters, our Talent Acquisition helps power our workforce by sourcing, recruiting, and hiring employees for jobs all over UPMC. 4 recruiters share why they chose this job!

Blonde woman shows older woman a Facetime call.

Caring from Anywhere: Q & A with a Service Coordinator

A career as a Service Coordinator combines the flexibility of remote work with the reward of building relationships with coworkers and patients. Hear why Kristin R. thrives in this role!

How Eva W. Grows, Excels, and Thrives at UPMC Hamot

Eva W., a nurse at UPMC Hamot, shares the story of how she's grown so much in the last 5 years as a professional and as a person.

From the U.S. Army to UPMC Health Plan

For Barrett H., Army Veteran and Health Coach Specialist, UPMC’s values made for a seamless transition between a military career and a civilian career.

Rehab Nurses Pave the Road to Recovery

Rehab nurses walk alongside patients as they recover from a procedure or surgery, helping to ease them through the healing process in a holistic meaningful way.

New Nurses, New Unit, Forever Friends

The story of how two colleagues became best friends and now work side-by-side leading their unit and precepting new nurses into their roles at UPMC.

A Career of Service: Tom’s UPMC Story

Tom is passionate about leading his team well and changing the way people look at Environmental Services and Housekeeping employees.

Growing & Leading in His Hometown: Keshon’s UPMC Story

Through tuition assistance and mentorship by coworkers, Keshon is growing and leading as a staff nurse in his hometown of McKeesport. Here's his story.

Lab Chart

Thanking UPMC’s Hidden Heroes

Today we pause to share the stories of some of the Hidden Heroes of 2020: UPMC’s laboratory technicians.

Here’s How UPMC Passavant Became a Magnet Hospital

Magnet Recognition is a badge that UPMC Passavant wears with pride — not just for the title, but for what it means to the nurses who proudly call it home.

What It’s Really Like to be a Student Nurse Intern at UPMC

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student nurse intern at UPMC? Our most recent class of interns are here to share what they learned and what future SNIs can expect.

We Chose UPMC Northwest: Nurses Share Their Why

Rachel, Cassie, Charles, and David shared 4 reasons why they enjoy their role as nurses, are passionate about their community in Seneca, PA, and are proud to have a place on the Northwest team.

Student Nurse Q&A: Lessons from the Hospital & Classroom

Current students and patient care technicians at UPMC share how they balance school and work and why they love their roles as PCTs.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words – UPMC’s Student Nurse Internship

UPMC’s Student Nurse Internship program allows nursing students to witness high quality of care and gain valuable experience with the support of a one-on-one preceptor.

To Teach and Empower: My Role as a Home Health Nurse

Margaret H., shares what she loves about her unique role as a home health nurse.