The Lasting Impact of Radiation Therapy

UPMC’s Radiation Therapy team uses technology, innovative thinking, and a heart of empathy for patients to give patients the best chance of fighting and beating their cancer diagnosis.

Collage of Information Technology workers outside of construction at Mercy Pavilion.

How IT Got the New UPMC Mercy Pavilion Up & Running

From installing devices and medical equipment to training clinical staff on new technology, IT helped make the transition to UPMC Mercy Pavilion a seamless one!

From Complexity to Clarity: Why Data Analytics Matter to UPMC’s Mission

Analytic roles at UPMC offer professionals the ability to flex their technical, business, and critical thinking skill sets every day.

Nurses of the Future: Testimonials from UPMC Schools of Nursing

Hear from some of our most recent graduates about what their experience at UPMC Schools of Nursing has meant to them.

Life Changing Opportunities: Elizabeth’s UPMC Story

When the pandemic began, Elizabeth A. was a retail worker who wanted to help others with their health in a hospital setting – but had no clue where to start. This is her UPMC story.

4 UPMC Med-Surg nurses smile

Med-Surg Nursing in 4 Words: UPMC Nurses Share

We asked our nurses to shed some light on what Med-Surg nursing means to them. Get to know Med-Surg nursing – in four words – from UPMC nurses!

Woman holding clipboard, writing directions down.

360° of Caring: Clinical Care Coordination Q&A

Come along as the directors of UPMC's Clinical Care Coordination and Discharge Planning (CCCDP) answer questions about this new career track for nurses and social workers!

Life Changing Is…UPMC Hamot’s Central Sterile Processing Team

Thanks to a strong, positive culture built by their supportive leaders, UPMC Hamot’s Central Sterile Processing team is deeply proud of the essential work that they do.

There & Back Again: Sarah’s Life Changing Experience on the Appalachian Trail

Sarah’s story of hiking the Appalachian Trail proves that having a great career doesn’t mean giving up on other dreams.

Life Changing Is…Being Empowered: Jouli H.’s Story

Since growing up in Syria, Jouli H.’s story has been one that inspires all of us to remember how empowerment can truly change someone’s life.

The Colleagues of Koala Café: A Life Changing Is…Story

Together, the colleagues of UPMC Children's Koala Café show how caring well for each other makes all the difference at work and in life.

Setting the Record Straight: 4 Myths About IT Careers

UPMC is proud to be a part of breaking stigmas about careers in Information Technology with our team of unique, diverse, and dynamic IT professionals!

The Full Spectrum of Care: Behavioral Health at UPMC

With a multifaceted approach to patient care, members of Behavioral Health team share how they promote a culture of hope.

Impact & Inspiration: Oncology Nursing at UPMC

Alongside their supportive teams, 3 oncology nurses share about their inspiring, impactful, and endlessly rewarding specialty.

Seeing Respiratory Therapy in a New Light

4 UPMC Respiratory Therapists share how their field has been playing an essential role in patient care since long before COVID-19 existed.

Ready for Anything: How UPMC’s IT Team Responded to the Pandemic

During COVID-19, the work of IT became even more essential than before. 4 employees share why:

The Game of Life is About More Than Winning: Eddie’s UPMC Outlook

Eddie S. shares how his passion for football, fishing, and friendship shapes his life, and how being himself is always his goal.

How Veterans and Military Members Found Careers at UPMC

At UPMC, we are dedicated to helping veterans and military members find rewarding and meaningful civilian careers.

Mind and Body: How Behavioral Health Nurses Care for the Whole Person

Learn from our Behavioral Health nurses about why they chose this field and how they’re working to combat the stigmas that exist around mental health.

Training in Excellence & Innovation: UPMC’s ITR Program

ITR participants share how they've networked with high-level executives, given back to our communities, received guidance from mentors, and built lasting connections within UPMC.

An Inside Look at UPMC Imaging Services

From assessing broken bones to monitoring progress during pregnancy, UPMC Imaging Services plays a key role in making Life Changing Medicine happen.

Smiling Through Life: María ‪Cecilia’s Story

María ‪Cecilia advocates for the diverse populations UPMC serves—and she always does this work with a smile.

Building Confidence through the Student Nurse Internship

Ever wonder what it's like to be a student nurse intern at UPMC? Our most recent class of interns are here to share what they learned and what future SNIs can expect.

My Nursing Career Ladder: How UPMC Supports Every Career Stage

A new nurse, an emerging nursing leader, and a seasoned mentor nurse from UPMC's North Central Pa. region share how they’re making the most of their career at UPMC!

Shaping Leaders of the Future: UPMC’s Finance Management Rotational Program

Get to know a current member of the Finance Management Rotational Program and two former FMRs who have continued in their careers at UPMC!