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Finding My Purpose in Oncology Nursing

Terri Frassinelli, RN, Clinical Director, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Finding the Way Back to Her Calling Terri Frassinelli started her career at ...

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My 4 Words to Describe UPMC St. Margaret: Straight from the CNO

Are you a nurse interested in working at one of the nation's best hospitals? It’s never been easier to do ...

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UPMC St. Margaret: The Fast Facts

Are you a nurse interested in working at one of the nation's best hospitals? It’s never been easier to do ...

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How My Untraditional Path Brought Me (Back) to UPMC

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ...

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Ask the Recruiter

From the application process to interviewing, culture and values to career development, we are tackling your questions and curiosities one ...

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Linking Law School with the Summer Associates Program

First-year law students often set out to find an official legal experience within the form of a summer job or internship. Those accepting a Summer Associate position with UPMC’s Corporate Legal department will work closely with attorneys on a wide variety of legal issues, utilizing their first-year training and knowledge at one of the largest… Read more »

A Day-In-The-Life of an ISD Summer Associate

FYI: Not all city employees have a bad commute! During my previous internship, I would wake up at the break of dawn, get in my car, and sit in city traffic every morning. This summer, I have been very spoiled because I have just a five minute walk to work every day. As an Information… Read more »

You’ve Only Got Ten Seconds!

Your resume matters. With thousands of students applying for the UPMC Summer Associates Program each year, it is imperative that your resume catches recruiters’ attention, in order to be chosen for an interview. Keep in mind, there is a good chance that the person reviewing your resume might only give it a ten second glance… Read more »

Is UPMC the Place for You?

As a Supply Chain Management Summer Associate working in the clinical sourcing department, I’m responsible for sourcing and procuring medical items used to treat patients throughout UPMC. One might ask: why be a Supply Chain Management Summer Associate at UPMC? Well, let me explain! Personally, I feel that one must be passionate about his or her career choice. For… Read more »

Supply Chain Management: My Three Daily Goals

Being a Supply Chain Management Summer Associate is an exciting and rewarding adventure. As a young professional, you will gain invaluable career experience in the world-renowned UPMC health system. Throughout the summer you will be completing various projects (yes, real work!) that add value to your department, making connections with senior management and other co-workers,… Read more »