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Carol S., Licensed Practical Nurse, UPMC Heritage Place

From Patients to Family: Why Your Community Needs LPNs Like You

Every day, many of us move through life in our own little world. But do you ever stop to think ...

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Kelsey M., Licensed Practical Nurse, UPMC Seneca Place

3 Things You Didn't Know About Working in Senior Communities

When you picture a senior living facility, what comes to mind? The caring staff, the friendly community of residents — ...

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James H., LPN, Canterbury Place

Not Your Average Career: My Path to Canterbury Place

As a military veteran and a seasoned licensed practical nurse with a twenty-five-year career, James H. has cared for patients ...

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Why I Overcame My Fears to Become A Nurse: My Care Changes Lives

If you have set foot into the medical world, then you have probably been impacted by the work of a ...

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Once a Patient, Now a Life-Saver: My Care Changes Lives

If you have ever set foot into the medical world, then you have probably been impacted by the work of ...

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Why Supply Chain Management Matters

Supply Chain Management stands as a critical component in UPMC operations. This department ensures that all UPMC hospitals and medical facilities have the proper clinical and non-clinical supplies, guaranteeing the highest quality patient care delivery. Without supply chain, acquiring the necessary equipment, supplies, and supportive services for patient care would be quite problematic. For the… Read more »

My Life as a Quality Summer Associate

Every day at the Wolff Center for Quality, Safety, and Innovation looks a bit different. Throughout the summer, I’ve explored a variety of quality improvement, data analysis, and patient experience projects that are occurring across the UPMC system. Interested in my experience? I’ve outlined one of my work days from this past week – Check… Read more »

Why Not be an Actuary for UPMC?

It was an early and dreary March Monday morning in Pittsburgh, and to be completely honest, I was not looking forward to going to class that day. However, that negative attitude quickly turned around as I received an unexpected phone call. It was Human Resources from UPMC extending an offer for a position to work… Read more »

Corporate Creativity: The Surprises of My Summer at UPMC

Beige. Boxy. Boring. Bad break room coffee. Just a few short months ago, these were my expectations as I looked into summer internships with corporations in the Pittsburgh area. As a Communication Studies major and English minor with a concentration in Visual Communication Design, I worried my personality and work habits would not be welcome… Read more »