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The Value of My Stethoscope

“I’ve seen babies being born, worked first-hand in Pittsburgh’s top-rated Trauma Burn Center, assisted a flight crew, and held a ...

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Sarah Jenkins, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Little Moments, Big Impact

Before joining UPMC in 2015, Sarah Jenkins, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, had already begun impacting the lives of children across the ...

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Supply Chain Scoop

Every company in the world, whether in health care, the food industry, or retail, benefits from and often requires strong ...

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Faces of UPMC: Chris L.


Meet Chris: “My husband and I started scuba diving 25 years ago.  Being under the water, with all of the fish and sea life surrounding you, is nothing like swimming in murky coastal shores.  Sometimes, the water is so clear you can look down and see the ocean floor over 100 feet below.  I love… Read more »

Faces of UPMC: Jonitta B.


Meet Jonitta: “Receiving my Associates Degree in 2005 was a surreal moment.  While pursuing my degree, I constantly met with one obstacle after another.   After five years of struggling, I became the first person on my mother’s side of the family to graduate with a college degree.  Though my mother passed many years before my… Read more »

From Summer Associate to Communications Specialist: Talia’s UPMC Journey


A journalism student at Duquesne University, Talia hadn’t planned on applying to UPMC’s Summer Associate Program, but after a chance encounter where recruiter Pam Arroyo informed her of all the program had to offer, she decided to throw her name in the hat for the summer of 2014. A few months later she signed on to… Read more »

Faces of UPMC: Tanner K.


Meet Tanner: “I am a bit of a competitive person.  I continually try to make choices that challenge my comfort zone.  I have to prove to myself that I can do something even if I don’t want to.  I’ve found that almost every time I push myself to experience something new, I either enjoy doing… Read more »