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The Value of My Stethoscope

“I’ve seen babies being born, worked first-hand in Pittsburgh’s top-rated Trauma Burn Center, assisted a flight crew, and held a ...

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Sarah Jenkins, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Little Moments, Big Impact

Before joining UPMC in 2015, Sarah Jenkins, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, had already begun impacting the lives of children across the ...

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Supply Chain Scoop

Every company in the world, whether in health care, the food industry, or retail, benefits from and often requires strong ...

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Thriving in “The Incubator”


To most of the workers on Floor 57, Conference Room 57118 is just another room used to house the Marketing/Communication Summer Associates. To us, the room is much more. For 40 hours a week, it’s home. It’s where we learn, work, fail, and succeed. The name Conference Room 57118 seemed far too impersonal for our… Read more »

5 Things You Never Knew About S.W.A.T. Nursing

72647_SWAT Nursing Blog

When you think S.W.A.T. Team, what comes to mind? If you immediately envision police sirens and flashing squad cars rushing to the scene of an emergency, you’re probably thinking of the Special Weapons and Tactics law enforcement unit. In the health care realm, however, we’re talking about an entirely different kind of crew! At UPMC,… Read more »

5 Reasons It Pays to Work in Health Care IT


UPMC Health Plan is brimming with exciting career opportunities in Information Technology! We spoke with several IT Professionals to explore the rewarding benefits of working in this dynamic, adaptive field. Check it out! Access to Top-Notch Technology Operating on the cutting-edge of medicine, we strive to provide our IT professionals with the top tools in… Read more »

Faces of UPMC: Chris L.


Meet Chris: “My husband and I started scuba diving 25 years ago.  Being under the water, with all of the fish and sea life surrounding you, is nothing like swimming in murky coastal shores.  Sometimes, the water is so clear you can look down and see the ocean floor over 100 feet below.  I love… Read more »