We want you to be confident when you’re searching and applying for our careers. So, we asked our recruiters to share their best advice for navigating through our application. Follow these tips and kick your career search up a notch!

1. Proofread, Every Time

Don’t let spelling and formatting errors hinder your chances of being selected for your dream job. Proofreading shows great attention to detail – have a friend review your application and resume for accuracy!

2. Do Your Research

We recommend researching UPMC, as well as the specific hospital/division for which you are applying. Reviewing company policies and standard practices allows you to formulate thoughtful questions for potential interviews!

3. Always Be Prepared

This motto isn’t just for Girl Scouts. Providing copies of your resume, work samples, and portfolio items demonstrates that you are up for the challenge and ready to do your best work right off the bat!

4. Learn About Our Values

We integrate our five core values into everything we do. Presenting real life examples which evidence how you live out these traits allows us to evaluate how well you align with our organizational culture. We want to ensure that you will love your position here with us!

5. Take Time for the Basics

Be sure to complete thoroughly all application information, and provide the appropriate resume and cover letter for the position. These foundational details allow us to better help you in your career search!

6. Focus on Resume Relevance

Don’t pack your resume with summer fling jobs, unless the roles are pertinent to the position for which you are applying. A focused resume should include relevant background information, and should clearly highlight the required and preferred qualifications for a position. This way, we can easily identify you as a qualified candidate.

7. Make Sure the Price is Right

In determining pay grade, there’s a fine line between shooting for the stars, and selling yourself short! Approach the matter with an informed perspective—the last thing you want to do is price yourself out of a job.

8. Be Honest

An important character trait in both your personal and professional life, it’s always important to be honest when it comes to your resume and application information. Guaranteeing your information is accurate to the best of your knowledge will ensure a smooth hiring process.

9. Be Diligent in Your Career Search

Our careers site is updated on a daily basis, generating new, exciting openings that may be of interest to you. We encourage you to check back frequently, and apply to positions for which you might be a good fit!

10. Patience is an Application Virtue

Did you know that we receive 500,000 applications, annually? We’ve updated our careers site to include both a “Job Status” and “Submission Status” tab under the “My Jobpage” section of your applicant profile. Here, you can personally monitor the progress of your submitted applications!

11. Love Your Career

We want you to wake up excited to go to work each morning! In your resumes, applications, and interviews, let your passion for your work be evident. We believe that how you work is as important as the work that you do – both enthusiasm and experience play important roles!

12. Reach Out

We know the application process can be intimidating. That’s why we’re always up for a conversation! Connect with us on Facebook, and be sure to check out the FAQ’s on our careers site for additional application assistance.

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