Header image: Dustin A., U.S. Marine Corps and Software Engineer with UPMC

Finding the right career can take a lot of searching – searching for a company or an organization you’ll be proud to work for; searching for the right position; searching for a collaborative team to surround yourself with; searching for an encouraging, supportive workplace culture; searching for an employer that sees your potential and wants you on their side.

So what do you do when you’re a veteran or military member pursuing a civilian career? Your resume is filled to the brim with experience and qualifications that set you apart from the crowd – but those aren’t always adequately translated to a civilian organization. What do you do if you’re a military spouse who has difficulty finding an employer that stands by your side through frequent relocations? At UPMC, we are dedicated to helping veterans and military members find rewarding and meaningful civilian careers, all the while understanding that your unique skills and values enrich the experience of our organization, our employees, our patients, and our communities.

Hear from two UPMC employee veterans who found their fit at UPMC – and find out how you can do the same.

Trevor M.

Trevor M., CONNECT Community Paramedic, grew up with a history of service in his family. With two grandfathers who are veterans and a brother who is on Active Duty in the Army, it seemed a natural fit for Trevor to enlist in the National Guard after graduating high school.

After completing Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training, Trevor served with the Ohio National Guard from 2008-2014, including a stint in Afghanistan in 2011-12, where he was chosen by senior leadership to become an Operations Specialist. In the National Guard, Trevor served as a Motor Transport Operator, responsible for operating light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks from HUMVEEs to 18-wheel tractor trailer semi-trucks.

So, how did Trevor’s career of service bring him to UPMC? In 2016, his wife, Addie, was diagnosed with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (TTP), a rare auto-immune disease. As Ohio residents at the time, Addie was informed she could wait several weeks to be seen at the their local hospital, or be seen immediately at UPMC. So, the couple packed up and traveled to Pittsburgh, where Addie received care from UPMC Shadyside and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

“We were in the hospital on and off for almost three months, and all the staff at UPMC – from environmental services and nutrition to nurses and physicians – created such a wonderful environment that I knew this was an organization I wanted to work for,” Trevor said. “It was clear that the culture of UPMC far outperformed that of other health care systems.”

“The collaboration between civilian and military ways of thinking can be extremely powerful when given the proper support, and UPMC has proven to me that they value that.”

Trevor M., CONNECT Community Partner

Five years later, Trevor is part of the CONNECT Community Paramedic Team, part of UPMC Health Plan’s Community Services. Trevor’s team of paramedics has years of experience, and they have turned their focus from patients’ clinical needs to helping them overcome social determinants of health. With a wealth of experience providing health care on the streets, Trevor’s team has a unique perspective that allows them to provide patients with the tools and resources necessary to successfully navigate their way through the complexities of health care.

“UPMC has been very supportive of me as a veteran. UPMC has valued my experience and given me opportunities to use and pass along my knowledge. The collaboration between civilian and military ways of thinking can be extremely powerful when given the proper support, and UPMC has proven to me that they value that. UPMC values its veterans and taps into their knowledge and experience, rather than passing it aside. Taking a job with UPMC as a veteran will be a decision you will never regret!”

Chris P.

Chris P., now a Senior Project Manager with UPMC Health Plan, has two decades of military experience under his belt. Between eight years enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and 12 years as a Public Affairs and Logistics Readiness Officer, Chris has been deployed worldwide, including two tours in Afghanistan.

Chris joined the Health Plan in 2019 as a member of the Business Transformation Office, where he works to transform traditional business models into digital ones, with a focus on creating new value through digital tools, platforms, technologies, services, and processes. Although his day-to-day responsibilities change often, Chris loves the continued opportunities his role offers to solve complex problems. While working at strategic levels, Chris defines operational objectives and implements tactical-level tools.

But it’s not just his role that excites Chris – it’s UPMC’s continued support of veterans and military members.

“UPMC has a genuine heart for veterans and members of the military. Veteran resumes can be challenging to gleam the robust military experience and relate those skills to the needs of a civilian organization. UPMC established an organization-wide resource group for veterans and is launching HR initiatives to employ veterans and better understand their resumes and how that translates to the needs of UPMC.”