Life Changing Is...

Time for the things you care about. The opportunity to build a vibrant life. Having colleagues that care about you. Being empowered to chase after your goals. Life Changing Is...a career that works for you. 

Life Changing Is…UPMC Hamot’s Central Sterile Processing Team

Thanks to a strong, positive culture built by their supportive leaders, UPMC Hamot’s Central Sterile Processing team is deeply proud of the essential work that they do.

There & Back Again: Sarah’s Life Changing Experience on the Appalachian Trail

Sarah’s story of hiking the Appalachian Trail proves that having a great career doesn’t mean giving up on other dreams.

Life Changing Is…Being Empowered: Jouli H.’s Story

Since growing up in Syria, Jouli H.’s story has been one that inspires all of us to remember how empowerment can truly change someone’s life.

The Colleagues of Koala Café: A Life Changing Is…Story

Together, the colleagues of UPMC Children's Koala Café show how caring well for each other makes all the difference at work and in life.

John Kimutis: A Life Changing Is…Story

John Kimutis exemplifies just how life changing a vibrant life can be to not only the person living it, but the people around them, too. 

Sarah Ambrosini: A Life Changing Is…Story

Through PTO, a flexible schedule, and a supportive team culture, Sarah can pursue the things that are important to her outside of work.