Patient access representatives and patient information coordinators are the first point of contact for patients in physicians’ offices and hospitals. They greet patients, schedule appointments, collect payments, and more. This entry-level role impacts our patients’ experiences and can be a great first step toward a rewarding, full-time health care career. Hear from Cory H., Director of Point of Service Access  on his patient access perspective: 

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My name is Cory, my UPMC journey began while I attended college. During my summer breaks, I worked in the revenue cycle entering data into the UPMC Find a Doc files. During this time, I met a lot of great leaders and colleagues, and upon graduating, I decided to explore job opportunities as a revenue cycle employee.  

My first full-time role within the revenue cycle was as a patient information coordinator. Throughout my UPMC journey, I have been fortunate to work for leaders that identified and acknowledged hard work and supported the UPMC career ladder. After several promotions, I now am the director of Point of Service Access!  

Empathy Makes a Difference 

The Maya Angelo quote, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” relates directly to the work of a patient information coordinator. In this role, you are often the first UPMC employee a patient interacts with; you set the tone for the patient’s visit. Hospital visits can naturally cause anxiety for patients, so it was always a priority for me to greet each patient with a smileSmall tasks like providing a blanket to a cold patient or making coffee for a family member who has spent countless hours sitting with their loved one has always been the most rewarding part of the job. Empathy is essential to the patient experience.  

Patient interaction is what I enjoyed the most about my position as a patient information coordinator, and I know my time spent in that role created the foundation for my career trajectory.   

Coworkers Who Really Care  

Aside from patient interaction, the countless coworkers I have had the privilege to work with have made my UPMC experience a wonderful one. The UPMC core values help recruit employees who exhibit qualities such as caring and listening and dignity and respect. I have worked with many supportive colleagues throughout my career, and leadership has always provided a platform to discuss my career development. It is rewarding working in an industry that is driven by serving others, and my goal is to continue to grow within the organization and learn as much as possible. 

Check out our open positions for yourself at UPMC Careers to begin building your strong foundation as a patient access representative. 

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