UPMC Beyond | Employee Stories on our PTO Program

UPMC’s paid time off (PTO) program allows our employees to earn PTO benefits that provide time off from work to take care of the things you consider important. Tune in to hear from our employees on how they use their PTO to seek adventure, try new hobbies, and travel the world!

Jamie Teets goes BEYOND

Kicking off our UPMC BEYOND series is Jami Teets, an Internal Auditor at UPMC. Jami told us how she likes to use her time away from work, and shared this great photo with of her trip to Zion National Park. Her story is pretty great — make sure to read to the end!
“My boyfriend (also a UPMC employee) and I moved to Pittsburgh from Alaska. We just bought our house so we are busy doing projects there. For fun, we are constantly exploring the fun that Pittsburgh has to offer— shows, comedy, hiking with our dogs, gaming, and finding our new hangouts. I am working on setting up my inhome pottery studio and also making décor for our house. We also enjoy traveling, and had the chance to venture to Angel Rocks in Zion National Park. Over Memorial Day weekend, my boyfriend proposed on a trip to Niagara Falls!”

Gail Beicke adventures abroad 

Gail Beicke, a Specialty Coordinator with the UPMC Health Plan, enjoys using her time off from work to embark on adventures across the world with her husband! Below is a photo from her trip to Rome. 
“My husband and I have lots of hobbies, but two of our favorites are scuba diving and ballroom dancing. We have had the pleasure of diving fantastic places all over the world including the island(s) of Galapagos, the Maldives, Honduras, Bonaire, Little Cayman, and the Exumas. Our local hobby is dancing—we spend a few hours a week at the Arthur Murray dance studio in Wexford. This is a photo of us in Rome on a two week trip to Italy in October 2016.”

Maria Gerardi’s exciting use for her PTO

One benefit of UPMC’s Paid Time Off (PTO) program is that most employees can roll over their vacation time from year to year, allowing for you to have the time you want to go BEYOND! Recruiter Maria Gerardi used her PTO for some exciting experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful places!
“This year was a pretty great year to use the PTO that I have accrued over the years. I used it for my wedding and honeymoon (in Jamaica) as well as a cruise just a few weeks ago to the Eastern Caribbean, where my husband and I visited the Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Turks and Caicos!”

Other employees share how they go BEYOND!

“It’s so great getting the chance for PTO. I got to go to my best friend’s wedding this year. I love not feeling guilty when I take time off, knowing that someone extremely competent will be keeping my athletes healthy while I’m gone.” —Anthony Mobile, Atheltic Trainer | UPMC Presbyterian

“My husband and I enjoy going for Harley rides, sometimes close to home, and sometimes farther away. Last year, we flew to Las Vegas, then rented a Harley, and rode through Nevada, Utah, and California. We enjoy taking in the different scenery and landscape wherever we may travel.” —Amanda Holtz, Medical Technologist | UPMC Altoona

“My favorite way to use PTO is to take a bike ride, or a walk in the park, and read a good book.” —Ellen King, Project Analyst | UPMC Health Plan

“I love the outdoors, gardening and hiking and recently joined the Western PA Mushroom club. Last fall, I took a PTO day to go attend the Lincoff Foray in Cooks Forest. I also volunteer with the Baldwin Historical Society. Our biggest accomplishment is the moving and restoration of an 1840 log house.” —Patricia Houck, Sr. Project Manager | UPMC Health Plan

“I attend a 4-day scrapbook conference twice a year. When I take a ‘Porchville’ vacation I will visit the wonderful attractions in the area, Phipps, the Zoo and the Carnegie Museums.” —Sheri Dunfee, HIM Technician | UPMC St. Margaret

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