UPMC’s Summer Associate program is an 11-week, paid internship that exposes students to real-world business opportunities. Emphasis is placed on professional development, networking, and social responsibility, making for a unique internship experience for current students and recent grads!

July 28: Jillian – Summer Associate, Information Services Division

Hello there! My name is Jillian and I am spending this summer as a Summer Associate in UPMC’s Information Services Division. Here’s a look into my week!

As August approaches, I’d say my summer has been one of the best yet!

July 21: Sarah – Summer Associate, Human Resources

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I’m one of the Human Resources Summer Associates. I am working in the Talent Acquisition department, specifically on integrations and training. Here’s a look at my week!

I can’t believe that my summer is already half way over; I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! -Sarah

July 21: Madison – ISD SA

I’m Madison, an ISD Summer Associate with the ClinicalConnect Health Information Exchange. Here’s a sliver of life from my summer here at UPMC!

Happy Birthday to Chris!

Here’s the team celebrating our co-worker Chris Carmody’s birthday! He couldn’t attend but he was here in spirit with one of his several cut-outs we have!

Having a great summer here at UPMC! -Madison

July 21: Isabella – Finance SA

Hi everyone! My name is Isabella, and I’m a Finance Summer Associate. As I look back on my week, I was reminded of how great summer in Pittsburgh is! Take a look!

This summer is flying by! Thanks for reading. -Isabella

July 17: Madison – Human Resources SA

Hi everyone! My name is Madison, I’m a Human Resources Summer Associate in Talent Acquisition, specifically the Campus Programs department. Here’s an insight into my UPMC week!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a peek into my week! – Madison

July 17: Lindsay – Marketing SA

Hi, I’m Lindsay and these are a few snapshots from my week as a Marketing Associate!

Furry Friends of UPMC

There is no greater feeling than being able to witness the joy that patients express when they see a sweet dog coming to give them company and kisses. This week, I visited the Hillman Cancer Center in Shadyside for Pet Therapy Appreciation Day. And yes, I got to witness a golden retriever riding a skateboard.

My Manager

I am very thankful for my manager, Casey! As a clinical marketing Summer Associate who works primarily in living-donation liver transplant as a service line, I have learned so much about what a wonderful, life-saving option it can be

Southside Spots

As a resident of Southside, I thoroughly enjoy my commutes to the Steel Tower. You can find this artist’s work in random little places — they always brighten my mornings.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Catch us (way in the back) in the next UPMC Physical Therapy commercial. This week, me and some of my other fellow marketing summer associates had the opportunity to be video extras!

I’m getting to explore so many different parts of UPMC and Pittsburgh. This summer is flying by, but I’m learning a ton! -Lindsay

July 7: Mattie – Marketing SA

Hi, my name is Mattie and I am a Marketing/PR Summer Associate with UPMC! Here’s a peek into my week here in Pittsburgh that will help you understand what life is like as a Summer Associate!

My Winning View

Mondays are a lot more bearable with a beautiful view like this. The long ride on the elevator in the U.S. Steel Tower is totally worth it just to get the 57th-floor view every day.

City of Champions

The best part about being a Media Relations Summer Associate? The field trips and spur-of-the-moment photo shoots. Today, I got to hang out with Lord Stanley!

Peddle Pittsburgh

To battle against workday stress, a long bike ride was long overdue. (I swear I had my “UPMC purple” bike before I started working here…)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Us Marketing/PR Summer Associates spend the entire work week together, but even after-hours, we still like hanging out. This is us at the *awesome* Pirates game we were all invited to this summer! Just another perk of being an S.A.


Thank goodness it’s Friday—and also thank goodness for this really sweet flower shop right outside the U.S. Steel Tower every week. A few of the Summer Associates and I had to stop before going back inside after lunch.

Exploring the 412

My cousin’s band played tonight at Mr. Small’s Theatre, which is a cool little venue in Millvale, PA. I was somehow able to still sing and dance along, even though I was ready for bed at 9 p.m.!

Summer in the ‘Burgh

A Sunday trip to the city with my family included a stop on Mt. Washington. It was the perfect way to sit back and think about how awesome this summer has been already.

There’s a peek into my week as a Marketing Summer Associate! I can’t wait to see what next week has in store! -Mattie

July 7: Scott – Finance SA

Hi, my name is Scott Fennel and I am a Finance Summer Associate with UPMC! This is my perspective of life and work in the 412!

Pittsburgh from the Sky

During an afternoon tour of UPMC Presbyterian and UPMC Montefiore hospitals, our team was taken to the roof of UPMC Presbyterian, where we were able to witness a medical helicopter bring a patient into the ED! A great experience, plus a great view.

Pamela’s: A Pittsburgh Tradition

Here is part of the Presbyterian Shadyside finance team enjoying lunch at Pamela’s on one of our analysts last days in the Forbes offices. Anytime of the day is the right time for a Pamela’s breakfast!

Real Work, Real Fun

My managers Megan Metcalf and Andrew Anthony, as well as myself, reviewing a 2017 budget spread before finalizing the 2018 budget. Helicopters and Pamela’s are both great, but we are definitely having the most fun in this picture out of all three.

This has been a peek into my week as a Finance Summer Associate! I am learning a lot and enjoying the ride. -Scott

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