Medical coding is a great occupation for self-motivated, hard-working people who are committed to making a difference in the health care realm. Whether you’re just beginning your career journey or are ready for a change of pace that allows for professional advancement, explore five unique benefits of this field. Medical coding could be a fit for you! 

1. Less required education & relevant training.

Let’s face it, most medical professions require numerous years of higher education and training. The good news for medical coders? You can complete the required certification program for an entry-level position in less than a year! The Bidwell Training Center (BTC), located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, incorporates UPMC-specific curriculum into its student training regimen. This means Medical Coders graduating from BTC are fully-qualified to come onboard with our team upon completion of all program requirements, including an eight-week externship. Inpatient Coder I, Mark Bernatowicz says, “I needed a change in my life, so I went down to Bidwell and looked into the programs they had to offer. I decided coding would be a great career opportunity!”

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2. A career ladder that actually goes somewhere.

Every entry-level employee is hoping for a chance to advance in their professional field. Medical coders have that very opportunity to climb a rewarding career ladder, one where each role prepares them to take the next step in their coding journeys. DeJeana Rawlins explains, “I’ve had roles as messenger, coding liaison, coder I, coding supervisor, and now coding manager. The knowledge from each of these positions has helped me develop into a great manager!” By recognizing and taking advantage of medical coding’s exciting prospects, dead-end jobs can become a thing of the past.

3. Variety in coding field keeps it interesting.

As cutting-edge health care technology evolves, medical coders are always adapting to maintain relevance. “To be a successful coder, you must embrace change, be willing to continually improve your knowledge, and accept challenges — each day I look forward to encountering something new,” comments Kara Williamson, coder III. To ensure that medical coders stay current in their fast-paced field, UPMC encourages all employees to pursue additional learning opportunities. Mallory Mondry, coder II says, “As a Certified Professional Coder, I am required to earn continuing education units. These credits range in topic and help me learn many different aspects of the coding field.” The variety and challenge of Medical Coding makes every day motivating and worthwhile!

4. Flexibility in hours and lifestyle.

For many professionals, scheduling flexibility is a key factor in sustaining a healthy work-life balance. Craig Oliveri, coder I, shares, “There are three huge bonuses to my role in coding: room for advancement, flexible hours, and working from home!” Though most coders begin in an office setting, working from home typically becomes an incentive for proving aptitude and job proficiency. Once working from home, the ability for medical coders to establish their own hours further encourages responsibility, fosters autonomy, and helps prevent fatigue and burnout! Vanessa Pezzulo, coder I, comments, “As a coder, you can make time for important life experiences, and not feel the pressure of a rigid workday. Being a new mom, this role has helped me not miss important milestones in my daughter’s life!”

5. Work from home with a supportive team

While independent in nature, working from home does not eliminate co-worker collaboration, but encourages efficient team communication. Bernatowicz explains, “My favorite part of this role is being part of a team – no one can do this job by themselves!” When challenges or complications arise, the established coding support network serves as a springboard for generating innovative ideas and troubleshooting techniques. Medical coding at UPMC is a perfect fit for team-oriented independent thinkers!

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