Whether you’re reading the headlines or asking your neighbor, both will agree: people do not want to choose between work-life balance and a successful career. The good news is that here at UPMC, we believe a balanced lifestyle is an essential part of the employee experience. UPMC’s paid time off (PTO) program allows our employees to earn PTO benefits that provide time off from work to take care of the things that matter most to them.

With up to 5 ½ weeks of paid time off plus 7 paid holidays, UPMC is committed to helping our employees pursue total well-being by providing them with time and support to have a healthy, whole life. Here are some stories and pictures of how our employees choose to do just that!

Riding Across America

My PTO time is spent skiing, camping, taking my kids rock-climbing, and doing bike-packing adventures all over the country. Last year, I completed a 265-mile bike ride across Missouri on the longest rail-trail in the country. 3 years ago, I went rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

— Andrea G., Lead Echocardio Sonographer

View of Lake Louise.
View of Lake Louise and canoes.

Lakes Galore!

Last summer, I took a trip to the Canadian Rockies. Lake Moraine, Lake Louise, Peyto Lake and Emerald Lake. These photos were taken at Moraine Lake early in the morning. Moraine Lake is located within Banff National Park Alberta Canada. It is one of the most photographed and popular destinations in the Canadian Rockies. I spent a week visiting Canadian National parks in both Alberta and British Columbia. All the parks were beautiful and unforgettable.

— Eric O., Systems Analyst

Mission: Every Possible National Park

My wife and I like to travel to National Parks and hike, and I like to take photos of the beautiful scenery of our National Parks! Our goal is to hit all 63 National Parks.We have hit # 31 National Parks thus far, with Yosemite and Acadia National Park in Maine being our top favorites. Yosemite has so many great trails to hike! I have been there twice, and would love to return many more times!

— Brett H., Pharmacist

View of inspiring mountain.

Meaningful Memories at Camp

Since 2010, I use my 1 week of summer PTO volunteering to be a camp RN at a young adult Christian leadership camp. I’ve been volunteering at this camp since 2010, just a few days after I passed my NCLEX. I didn’t move into the camp nurse position until 2012 and have been volunteering in that capacity since. There are workshops, small groups and worship centered on a theme that is different each year. This year the theme is “In God’s Hands”. I love that the week is device free, that we have a great diverse mix of young adults and that the camp is LGBT+ inclusive. It’s my absolute favorite week of the year!

— Paige L., Sr. Administrator

Carving Out Time for Craftsmanship

I like to use my PTO to work on projects for craft shows. I loved woodworking in school, and when my wife and I had the opportunity to get a lofted barn for my wood shop, we took it. She was tired of me cutting boards on the front porch while she was trying to enjoy the weekend! I have been woodworking for about 28 years. My mother told me to check out an American Flag that her employer had purchased, and after seeing it, I challenged myself to make something similar. I chemically wood burn my flags and cornhole boards. All of my work is hand-etched. I really enjoy creating something from nothing, seeing what it could be before it is even altered.

— Shawn Y., Dispatcher CW

American flag carving.
Woman riding white and brown horse on beach.

Fun in the Sun

I usually use my PTO to go to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Last year I went on a cruise for the first time, and it was great!

— Bobbi P., Team Leader, Food Services

A Life Changing Trip

I used my PTO for a recent mission/outreach trip to South Africa. The mission trip was life changing and inspiring. These experiences weren’t just about the work done but also about the cultural exchange, personal growth, and spiritual enrichment that came with stepping out of our comfort zone and into the lives of others. Needless to say, it was an adventure from start to finish.  We are currently making plans for a return trip in 2025.

— Kimberly B., Discharge Plan Manager

Collage of various locations in U.S.A

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Since I joined UPMC 8 years ago after my college graduation, paid time off has been one of my favorite benefits of working here. My friends at other companies have been known to get jealous of all the PTO I get! As you can see from the collage, I’ve traveled to Oregon, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, took a road trip across America, completed a weeklong hiking trip to Ireland, and even used my PTO at home to host my nieces and nephews for “Aunt Grace Camp.”

— Grace L., Visual Designer

Full-Speed Fun

My boyfriend and I travel around to Nascar races, and we have season seats and camping at Martinsville (both spring and fall races), Dover, and Watkins Glen. Our goal is to make it to every track, and we are almost there. In the Fall of 2023, I was able to fulfill a bucket list item when I was able to sit on a Nascar Pit stand during a race at Martinsville Speedway, as guests of Nascar driver Todd Gilliland. I also have a selfie with almost every Nascar driver. My boyfriend and I also compete in car shows with our two Camaros.  In the gallery, you can see a picture from last year’s Camaro Nationals where we both placed and won trophies. There were over 600 Camaro’s in attendance, and we placed silver for our 2013 Camaro SS, and bronze for our 1977 Camaro. Our goal for this year is to place Gold! If it wasn’t for UPMC and their generous PTO benefit, we would not be able to do some of these things we love to do.

—Lynnee W., PI Coordinator

Whether they’re seeking adventure, pursuing a hobby, spending time with loved ones, accomplishing a goal, or simply resting and recharging close to home, our employees use their PTO in some pretty amazing ways! Learn more about all the benefits of a career with UPMC on our Careers website, or check out this blog post of 10 Stand-Out Benefits that UPMC Employees Enjoy.