Student nurses have a wealth of classroom education, but the wait to get hands-on experience can sometimes feel endless. That’s why UPMC is proud to offer a 10-week Student Nurse Internship (SNI) program that provides soon-to-be graduate nurses with firsthand experience in a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Each of our SNIs has a preceptor to empower them through their first ventures in patient care and guide their continued education. Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our 2021 interns about their experience…

Rachel learned even more than she expected.

"Who would have known that I’d leave this internship a thousand times more knowledgeable than I had ever imagined?  As a whole, the internship allowed me to test my nursing skills to a point where I felt comfortable and I loved having a preceptor willing to answer any and all of my questions. I wouldn’t have traded this internship for anything else and can’t imagine where I would be if it wasn’t for my amazing preceptor.

Rachel M., UPMC Children’s Hospital, 9B Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant

Yeside learned from wise nursing leaders.

“I had a wonderful preceptor who taught and showed me how to become a compassionate nurse. We started the day by discussing the patients and how best to serve them for optimal results. We engaged in critical thinking, and we were not afraid to contact all stakeholders when in doubt. Nurses are heroes and I am proud to be in this profession.”

Yeside S., UPMC Western Maryland, PCU

Chung developed meaningful relationships with patients.

“This summer I learned that it can be hard to find time as nurses, but the little moments we share with our patients can mean the world to them and can impact us tremendously. As a trained public health professional, I've learned to look beyond a patient's health conditions, and I am hoping that we all can take a few minutes to look ‘beyond’ what is there because there is always more to a story than we can see from looking at charts.”

Chung L., UPMC Altoona, Oncology

Lilli had a valuable summer in the ER.

“I’ve had the best experience as an SNI in the ED at Children’s Hospital, and I’m overwhelmingly thankful to have had the opportunity to participate. I encourage any nursing student to jump at the opportunity to apply to be a nurse intern. What an amazing experience to have been a part of!"

Lilli M., UPMC Children’s Hospital, Emergency Department

Charlotte built confidence in her career.

“Because of the limited clinical hours during the pandemic, I felt behind, but this internship has helped me feel back on track. My time as an SNI has proven to be invaluable not only for helping me gain skills, but also for my confidence. Prior to being an SNI, I had never worked a 12-hour shift nor a night shift. I also had never seen heated high flow, the work-up process for a transplant, postmortem care, and continuous renal replacement therapy. I am grateful for everyone I have learned from during my time as an SNI and cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

Charlotte L., UPMC Presbyterian, 10DG Pulmonary Medicine

Shristi observed excellence and teamwork.

All the nurses on the floor came to the rescue, gave several ideas, and worked as a team. I was so overwhelmed by the way nurses worked, being able to intervene in the correct way, and knowing what to do next. Also, I learned that there’s no such thing as working chronologically with a specific plan or pattern in a hospital. You never know what’s going to happen next and to which patient, but you still try your best to keep up and keep good track of all the patients you are responsible for.  I hope to become that kind of person and develop my nursing gut for a better patient outcome in days to come.”

Shristi B., UPMC Western Maryland, HLC

Alyssa learned a new way to provide quality care.

One of my most memorable experiences occurred at 3 AM during bloodwork. My preceptor and I were taking care of a patient who had already mentioned earlier that shift that she was terrified of needles and was not looking forward to having her blood drawn. Not only was she scared of bloodwork, but in her words, she was 'a hard stick'. My preceptor, myself, and a PCT went into her room and as soon as we woke her up, we could tell how nervous she was. While my preceptor and the PCT started getting ready to draw the bloodwork I held her hand and talked to her trying to keep her calm. The next thing she knew her bloodwork was over with! She thanked us all multiple times for being so calm and I left that room feeling happy that I made just a little bit of a difference in someone’s stay.”

Alyssa L., UPMC East, 6E Rehab

Victoria gained experience balancing her responsibilities.

“Being a Student Nurse Intern has been an amazing experience. The most valuable thing I took out of this summer was how to prioritize my tasks and maximize the time I spend with patients. Being an SNI allowed me the space to observe how experienced nurses prepare themselves for the day, how they receive reports, and how they go about the care they give their patients. This internship allowed me to gain confidence in my future career and my ability to care for patients.”

Victoria Z., UPMC Shadyside, Medical

More quotes from our Student Nurse Interns

All junior-level or equivalent nursing students are invited to apply to this 10-week, paid program. You’ll have an opportunity to work up to 40 hours each week on a unit in a variety of clinical settings. Our trained preceptors will provide one-on-one guidance, and the program includes shadow opportunities so you can explore your specialties of interest. Build your confidence as a nurse – apply to the 2022 SNI program today!