Welcome to UPMC McKeesport. This community hospital, located just twelve miles southeast of Pittsburgh, has been serving the residents of McKeesport and its surrounding areas for nearly 125 years. Built on the coal mining industry, the rural city of McKeesport is home to a community that is industrious, loyal, and hard-working.

Step inside the doors at UPMC McKeesport, and you’ll find a diligent team that exhibits those same characteristics. Through perseverance, teamwork, and dedicated service, this team invests in the community they love by providing incredible care to every person who walks through their doors. In the words of its staff members, however, what sets this hospital apart is not just its care, but its culture. As its staff works together to form one team and one family, UPMC McKeesport gives new life to the term “community hospital.”

Let’s check out the testimonies of a few members of that community:

Erica F., RN, Medical Surgical Unit, UPMC McKeesport

From the outside, UPMC McKeesport might bear a resemblance to other hospitals of its kind, but in Erica Floyd’s mind, the experience of working at UPMC McKeesport is different from any hospital she has set foot in before. She says, “I really like that McKeesport has a sense of family and community. I have been in a lot of hospitals and I really get a great sense of that here.”


Lee B., Step Down Unit, UPMC McKeesport

Lee Barclay is one of UPMC McKeesport’s many dedicated RNs, and he makes it clear that his career with UPMC has not occurred by accident. He thinks that McKeesport’s greatest assets are the ways it differs from a large urban hospital. Lee says, “I enjoy working for UPMC McKeesport because it’s a close community hospital, and you’d never get that experience working in a big city hospital.”


Devon M., RN, Resource Unit, UPMC McKeesport

To Devon Morgan, the environment of UPMC McKeesport is what sets it apart from any other hospital. The unique culture and supportive community she found at McKeesport have made her UPMC experience a great one. Reflecting on her time at UPMC, Devon says, “I enjoy working here. We are a close-knit, community-based organization, and I feel like we are simply the best.” – Devon Morgan, RN, Resource Unit


Meghan F., Clinician, Detox & Rehab Unit, UPMC McKeesport

One of McKeesport’s most unique assets is its combined Detox & Rehab Unit, where Meghan Finnegan serves. According to Meghan, “Working at McKeesport Hospital gives you a great environment. It’s a family environment, it’s a community environment, and your coworkers become your family here.” About her time in the Detox & Rehab Unit, Meghan says, “Working on Detox is the most rewarding career I have had yet. The patients are wonderful and it’s great to give them a sense of hope and see them come through the worst time of their life on the other side.”


Jenna B., RN & Director, Clinical Decision Unit, UPMC McKeesport

Jenna Browne plays an important role at UPMC McKeesport as a registered nurse and director of the Clinical Decision Unit. In Jenna’s words, “Since becoming the leader on 2 Crawford I have seen the hardest-working group of men and women. They continue to stay positive and have smiles on their faces as we face some challenges. They continue to do the best that they can with providing safe, quality care. They all love what they do, and it is apparent in the work they do each day. I am proud to lead this Unit and excited to see every one of them grow as they will help me as well.”


Jynuine W., RN, Step Down Unit, UPMC McKeesport

Jynuine Wallace is one of UPMC McKeesport’s many dedicated RNs who are proud not just of the environment they work in, but of the high-quality care that they provide for the McKeesport community. According to Jynuine, “I enjoy working here for UPMC McKeesport because I feel like we provide top-notch patient care. We save people’s lives every day. And my coworkers are awesome.”


Lois L., RN, Critical Care Unit, UPMC McKeesport

To Lois Lawson, the motivation behind her work at UPMC McKeesport is short, sweet, and simple: “I work for UPMC McKeesport because it’s all about family and taking care of patients.

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