The International Impact of Nurses

Jamaica C. of UPMC Presbyterian never would’ve anticipated that her nursing career would take her halfway across the globe from her homeland, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why I Overcame My Fears to Become A Nurse

Madeline M. shares how her brother’s many health issues impacted to become a Life Changing nurse at UPMC.

I Have Seen What Health Care Can Do

When Joe's mother suddenly and tragically passed away, he decided to pursue the career she always wanted for him: nursing in the Progressive Care unit.

From the Ambulance to the ICU

When Tyler was choosing his career path, he looked for a job that he could be proud of. As a nurse at UPMC, Tyler has found that – and so much more.

Art Studio to ER: One Couple’s Nursing Career

15 years ago, husband and wife Cameron and Tara T. were full-time artists. But when they had their first child, their lives and careers totally changed!

This Is the Place For Me

Julianne’s work in the Stroke Rehab Unit at UPMC Mercy is demanding, but she knows that it’s all worthwhile for the people she serves.