Many people recognize UPMC for its corporate headquarters and flagship hospitals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but just over 100 miles north, you’ll find another center of our world-class patient care.

UPMC Hamot, one of eight Magnet designated UPMC hospitals, is home to the only Level II trauma center in the region, as well as Magee-Womens Specialty Center, the first state-of-the-art health care facility for women and infants in northwestern PA. With over 400 licensed beds, 650 affiliated physicians, and 3,000 dedicated employees, UPMC Hamot serves nearly 30,000 patients yearly.

While these numbers tell quite a story, they’re not the whole picture. For the many nurses who call it home, UPMC Hamot is about so much more: it’s the place they have chosen to build their careers and serve their communities. 

Five nurses shared their reasons for choosing UPMC Hamot. Read their stories and then let us know — what will your reason be?

1. Embrace new challenges every day.

Elisha V., Senior Professional Staff Nurse, BSN

“Working at UPMC Hamot is exciting. It’s fast-paced, and every day I come to work and face new challenges. You never know what the day is going to bring! Every day I get to be a cheerleader, I get to be an advocate, and I get to be somebody’s friend. When I take care of patients and their families, I think to me that’s the best feeling about being a nurse at Hamot.”

2. Gain a team that supports each other.

Tyler C., Professional Staff Nurse, BSN

“What cemented my decision [to pursue nursing at Hamot] was the coworkers. The nurses here are awesome. The bond that the nurses have here is different than anywhere else that I’ve seen. They come and ask you what you need, without hesitation. Anything you need, you’ve got more than the amount of help you could ask for.”

“When I was working in Pittsburgh, and now in here Erie, I’ve always liked how UPMC does things. I love how they are as an organization, compared to other hospitals.”

3. Enjoy an amazing hospital culture.

Samantha S., Senior Professional Staff Nurse, BSN

“I always say that UPMC is an awesome place to work. It’s a really great culture, and it’s not just here in the Emergency Room, where I work. In other departments and on other committees, everyone I have met is so great.”

“I’m originally from Erie I was even born here at Hamot and it is so nice being home. I know the area, and it makes it easier to discuss things with patients and their families, like where to go to eat or where to stay. It’s nice to have those connections. I love being there not just for patients, but for families, too. I feel like it’s very important for them to have someone there when they need more explanation or when things are very difficult.”

4. Establish a rewarding career.

Danielle W., Senior Professional Staff Nurse “As a nurse in the operating room, the rewarding part is that you bring these patients in and they have no idea who you are. They’re not going to remember you tomorrow, but knowing that they were in pain, or they were sick, and they came to you and you helped them, is so rewarding.”

5. Be a part of the best.

Ashley B., Senior Professional Staff Nurse, BSN

“In the unit where I work, we get so many different types of patients. Some are post-operative, some come right from the Emergency Room, and some are transfers from other facilities. I think that’s why I initially chose this unit, because there’s a little bit of everything and you never know what you’re going to get.”

“Growing up in Erie, I always knew that Hamot was the best hospital in the area. I didn’t even interview anywhere else. As a student, I knew that Hamot was far ahead of any other hospital in the region, and I knew that I wanted to work here.”

The Erie community needs passionate nurses like you to give them the quality of care they deserve. Will you consider joining our team? Click the button the learn more and explore opportunities for nurses at UPMC Hamot.

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