Here’s to Our Heroes

For standing on the front lines; for compassionately caring for our communities; for never relenting — we thank you. Here’s to our heroes at UPMC.

Images of Impact

Though these times may feel uncertain, this collection of images have uplifted and reminded us of all the different ways Life Changing Medicine happens right around us.

Championing Our Diverse Leaders

At UPMC, diversity and inclusion are core components of who we are — but they’re more than just ideas. Meet the team that puts diversity and inclusion into action.

A Peek Into My Week – UPMC’s Information Technology Rotational Program

Current ITR participant Lauren sheds some light on one of the big projects she contributed to this year.

Why We Love Our Jobs at UPMC

The saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Real UPMC employees share what is it that they love about their career.

Stop, Collaborate, and Care: Inside the Culture of UPMC Western Psychiatric

Jeremy began his career as a manager at a big box national retailer. But after being inspired by his wife's job as an oncology nurse, Jeremy chose to switch paths.