Each of us have unique experiences and identities that make us who we are. At UPMC, we believe that our ability to embrace one another’s differences makes a more inclusive workplace for all—that’s why we want all our employees to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work!

One way that UPMC supports this effort is through Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs. ERGs create a forum for employees to build community and influence positive change. The UPMC Center for Engagement & Inclusion sponsors nine systemwide ERGs, each uniquely designed to allow employees to develop and build connections. Each group meets regularly to connect employees who share passion for contributing to diversity and inclusion efforts at UPMC, and many ERGs offer unique opportunities like panel discussions and mentoring programs. Let’s learn more!


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Coalition of Residents and Fellows of Color (C-ROC)​ focuses on creating a positive training environment for all residents and fellows of color. Members of this group:

    • Drive organizational initiatives designed to encourage the engagement and recruitment of residents and fellows of color
    • Build an internal support system and community

Diversity Leadership Network (DLN) reaffirms UPMC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by advocating for the advancement of under-represented people of color and their proportionate representation at all levels of the organization. Our DLN members:

    • Assist UPMC in achieving its diversity and inclusion plan
    • Create professional development opportunities for all under-represented people of color. For example, UPMC’s Diversity Leadership Mentoring Program pairs select DLN members with executives for a year-long program to invest in their development.

UPMC’s newest ERG is for Military and Veteran Employees, and is designed to support and foster an inclusive environment for colleagues who are active or veteran members of the military. as well as advocates to this community.​ This ERG will be open to all UPMC employees, regardless of job role or military status.

The Nursing Inclusion Council’s mission is to recruit, retain, and enhance the professional development of diverse nurses and support staff at all levels within UPMC. You’ll find council members working to:

    • Promote professional development through mentorship programs
    • Facilitate multicultural activities and community service opportunities within our diverse communities

Physician Inclusion Council at UPMC and Pitt (PICUP) serves as a core component of our physician diversity infrastructure. They work to:

    • ​Develop strategies to recruit, retain, and promote the professional success and advancement of diverse physicians, especially those who are underrepresented minorities within the UPMC and University of Pittsburgh.

PRIDE Health is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) group for UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences. PRIDE Health aims to:

    • Serve and support our faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows, and providers
    • Foster an inclusive, open, and affirming environment within which to practice, work, and learn.​

UPMC ENABLED (Empoweri​ng Abilities and Leveraging Differences) Network ​is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, placing a high value on the support and advancement of people with disabilities and their proportionate representation at all levels at UPMC. UPMC ENABLED seeks to:

    • Provide the most ability-focused, inclusive employment experience by empowering employees and their family members with state-of-the art information and adaptive technology which promote professional growth and diversity.

UPMC Women in Information Technology Initiative (WIT)‘s mission is to inspire, empower, and promote female technology career paths at UPMC and in the community.

Women Inspiring Talent in Heath Care in Finance (WITH)‘s works to develop, promote, and retain female talent, while cultivating women’s leadership skills, business practices, personal contacts, and career opportunities at UPMC.

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At UPMC, we are committed to community, dedicated to diversity, and invested in inclusion. Employee Resource Groups are just one way we carry out our mission to shape the employee, patient, member, and community experience into something truly Life Changing.

Interested in learning more about how you can get involved in an Employee Resource Group? Reach out to inclusion@upmc.edu with any questions or to learn more. Not an employee yet? There’s a place for you at UPMC!

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