Inspired To Serve: A Spotlight on Sherwood Oaks

We all remember our first jobs: dog walker, babysitter, camp counselor, and the list goes on. Most of us wouldn’t call our first jobs “life-changing,” but in the case of Kailey DaLonzo and Alexis Duda, their first jobs as servers at Sherwood Oaks proved to be just that!

For Kailey and Alexis, their years of employment in the food services division at Sherwood Oaks has proved to be not only a source of steady income to cover high school and college expenses, but a source of steady inspiration that has gone on to influence their future career hopes, goals, and dreams.

During their time at Sherwood Oaks, Kailey and Alexis’s experiences of building relationships with residents have shaped their academic paths and encouraged each of them to seek career opportunities in the health care field with the geriatric population. “I’ve learned so much from the residents,” says Kailey, a recent graduate of Gannon University’s Occupational Therapy Master’s program. Alexis, a current Pitt student on track to attend Physician Assistant school, agreed! While Alexis said she always knew she wanted to work in health care, she added that becoming a server at Sherwood Oaks “was a good fit to learn compassion and realize who the older population is and what the geriatric field is all about.”

While finishing up their degrees, Sherwood Oaks has proved to be a supportive community that encouraged both Alexis and Kailey’s academic pursuits in many ways. Whether staff was arranging shadowing opportunities, or residents were encouraging them with smiles and kind conversation, being servers at Sherwood Oaks has proved to be so much more than just a job for Kailey and Alexis. It has been a life-changing experience that has taught them patience, time-management, and compassion, and inspired them towards careers of service to others!

Are you looking for a great first job that allows for flexibility and a chance to grow in your skill set? Or are you looking to make a switch to a community that allows you to inspire and be inspired in your work? If you said “YES!” to either of those questions, we invite you to explore opportunities to become part of the UPMC team at one of our Senior Communities and independent living facilities in the area of nutrition, dietetic, and food service! Employment at one of UPMC’s senior living facilities is an excellent place to build valuable skills all while giving back to the community. Explore opportunities today!