By Evan P., Content Analyst, Pay Operations

Former NFL player Ralph Marston once said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” In my years at UPMC, I’ve kept this quote in mind as my goals and career have developed.  

After graduating from college in 2014, I started working a warehouse position at UPMC’s Consolidated Service Center. As I learned the operations behind the supply chain and how hospitals get their supplies, my interest grew. After a couple years of stocking hospital supplies, running machinery, and keeping inventory moving, I found a specialist position at UPMC Shadyside. At UPMC Shadyside, I gained even more knowledge about how the hospitals operate. I saw firsthand how different products I worked with in the warehouse were used and how important they were for helping patients who were sick or hurt.   

While the tasks of that role and other entry-level supply chain roles were straightforward, my experience was also defined by the people around me. As a supply chain specialist at UPMC Shadyside, I benefitted from the friendliness of the employees and nursing staff there. Though our jobs were totally different, they were always so welcoming and thankful to me for getting them the supplies they needed. They would often invite me to parties on the floors. Not only was this fun, but made me feel that the part I played was important, too 

Next, returned to UPMC’s Consolidated Service Center but this time as a supply chain analyst. In this role, my primary job included identifying and resolving discrepancies between vendors and endusers. I also processed rush requests for hospitals. If a hospital is running low on an important item, they may reach out to us to get it. I have seen how these products are used at the hospitals, so I know how important it is for patients to get what they need.  

I have big goals for my future, but for now I plan to continue to gain experienceOne day I’d love to lead a team to create a more efficient and cohesive system for the distribution of supplies. Starting out in an entry-level position in supply chain made me a hard worker, so I’ve learned what it takes to work as a team to achieve a goal. I’ve continued to push myself while maintaining a positive attitude and got three promotions at UPMC in just three years!  

If anyone out there reading this is thinking about a supply chain career, I encourage them to think back to that quote by former NFL player Ralph Marston: “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” If you want to improve your tomorrow, I suggest starting today at UPMC. This role has allowed me to gain skills and taught me lessons that make me a better employee and community member. My co-workers and bosses here helped me believe in myself and get to where I am today, instilling in me a value for teamwork. My work-life balance frees me up to live an enriched life, one that includes hobbies like coaching volleyball, watching Pittsburgh sports, and spending time with family and friends.   

If you’re ready to make a better tomorrow for yourself, come join my team at UPMC.   

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