Set aside those preconceived ideas, and prepare to be surprised! From pizza parties to casual Fridays, and a break room frequently stocked with tasty treats, a career in UPMC Health Plan’s Member Services department could be just the kind of engaging work culture you’ve been searching for!

Read on to learn more about the unique work perks of Member Services department straight from current UPMC Health Plan employees!

10 Signs That You Work in Member Services

  1. You end your personal phone calls with “Thank you for calling! Have a wonderful day!”
  2. Your desk is decorated for an upcoming holiday or recent birthday.
  3. You get along great with the people you sit with and even go on group outings together after work.
  4. You enjoy frequent and delicious office food days.
  5. You are able to laugh with the members you’re talking to even through challenging scenarios.
  6. You love helping people and find satisfaction in taking the stress out of stressful predicaments.
  7. You are an expert at rolling with the punches and are willing to learn each and every day.
  8. You possess qualities like patience, dependability, kindness, compassion, respect, and empathy.
  9. You work for a company that encourages growth and allows room for many opportunities!
  10. You play a very important part in Life Changing Medicine!

Would you like to take advantage of all the work perks in UPMC Health Plan’s Member Services Department? Learn more about our opportunities at UPMC Health Plan by visiting our careers site.

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